The Choice of Aging in Place

The ache for home lives in all of us” – Maya Angelou

Home is where the heart is and that is no different for our elderly population. The encouraging news is with the right home care support you can achieve just that, ageing in place. The aged staying home for longer promotes further Independence, increase mobility and autonomy, often reducing or delaying the need for complex senior care support services.

Not sure if this is right for you, 4 benefits of remaining at home:

Familiar Surroundings, Reaffirms Identity

A sense of belonging is vital for the enhancement of a senior’s quality of life, ringing truer today as a result of the current times. Our elderly continuing their lives in a familiar environment without having to make drastic changes is critical to their wellbeing.

Most importantly, for our aged facing memory loss or Dementia, you need that familiar surroundings to help stimulate your memory. The ability to stay in your own home exposes you to familiar sounds, sights and community associations that keeps you mentally supported and connected.

More Autonomy, Greater Independence

An important aspect of maintaining a senior’s autonomy and dignity is you having a say in your daily routine rather than being in a place that operates on group activities. Elders who remain in their homes are more involved in decision making, and this engagement gives them a sense of purpose and control. A cognitive benefit that keeps their minds active and sharp.

In situations where you require in home assistance, aging in place allows you to decide on the amount of help you need, when and with whom. This is especially essential when you are having help in your home for the first time.

Controlled Home Environment, Increased Safety

The smaller home environment lends itself to fewer people coming and going in comparison to a nursing home thus minimizing the risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses. Home caregivers are trained and equipped to protect you and your elders from a viral outbreak or during a pandemic.

Staying at home gives you the opportunity to safe proof and put preventative measures in place on a smaller, more manageable scale leading to a secured, healthier setting.

Customized Services, Cost Effectiveness

The ability to tailor your care package according to the level of assistance you need is the flexibility you lack outside of home care. Remaining at home requires you to only pay for the care needed in contrast to a nursing facility where you need to pay a fixed monthly cost.

If you or your loved one is independent and healthy, only requiring a little support, aging in place may be a great option for you. Having the autonomy to decide when and for how long you need assistance with the flexibility to increase or reduce care hours as your needs evolve.

Aging in Place is a Choice

The decision to age in your home means you are choosing to spend your retirement years how you wish, decide what are your health care possibilities and the type of assistance that is right for you.

These choices increase your independence and enhances the quality of life. The great news is with proper planning you don’t have to do it alone. You get to organize how your care needs will be met, by whom and when.

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